Partnering to improve reimbursement results and market share!


Our strategic partners allows use to offer value added services to our customers

There are several options we offer to providers and we will work together to determine which options would be the most efficient and effective for your practice and staff. A team of billing experts will be assigned to oversee and manage your account, ask as well as a person of contact to be a direct liaison to your office for the purpose of quality assurance.

ACC-Q-DATA Understands the full aspects of billing guidelines, no rx procedures and fine details.

  • File claims electronically to Medicare, shop Medicaid and over 1100 commercial carriers.
  • Review all claims before submission to verify if ICD-9 & HCPCS codes are valid.
  • Extensive follow up on all claims to determine status: in process, denied, paid,
  • When required, obtain additional documentation from referring physician, hospital, or patient directly and forward most expedient manner to requesting carrier.
  • if additional documentation is needed we will obtain it for you.
  • Appeal all disputed claims.
  • Bill all 20% co-pays to either patient or secondary insurance.
  • Medicare coding and regulations update.
  • Work outstanding accounts receivable on a weekly basis.
  • Pre-verify medical necessity according to insurance guidelines.
  • Ensure provider has all necessary paperwork and forms required.
  • Patients may contact our office directly with any billing questions.
  • If the carrier does not pay according to patient policy guidelines we will appeal for additional monies.
  • If claim denies, begin appeals process including letter of appeals, obtaining and forwarding of patient medical records and history, etc.
  • Continue to follow up on all claims until they are paid accordingly or all manner of appeals are exhausted
  • Increase Cash Flow!